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Willim Christopher Zeise know more about him

Willim Christopher Zeise

Willim Christopher Zeise

Willim Christopher Zeise was a Danish organic chemist who is credited for synthesizing the first synthetic organometallic compound that he called sal kalicoplatinicus inflammbilis

Willim Christopher Zeise

the salt bears his name and is popularly named as Zeise’s salt.

Born to apothecary father,
Zeise developed an Associate in Nursing interest in science whereas at lycee. He touched to Danish
capital wherever he trained below Gottfried Becker

as a pharmacy assistant at the Royal Court Pharmacy.

Frail health forced him to come to his country of origin however not for long.
Zeise resumed his studies at the University of the Danish capital with a larger fervour for chemistry.
He failed to aim to be simply a court druggist.

Following his scholar thesis, Zeise researched intensively. His investigations of organic sulfur compounds crystal rectifier to the invention of a replacement category of organic compounds xanthates,
that isolated as yellow metallic element salts in 1823.

alternative sulfur compounds discovered by him embody the thioalcohols or mercaptan and also the sulfides or thioethers.

Zeise embellished with the Knight of the Order of the Dannebrog by Danish monarch for his scientific discoveries and investigations.

Willim Christopher Zeise
Willim Christopher Zeise


-following his doctoral degree then moved abroad as the university of Copenhagen had no separate lecturing chair in chemistry and no scientific laboratory for the subject
Then he spent the first four months researching at Friedrich stromeyer’s laboratory
-he moved to Paris, where he stayed for a year.
He befriended distinguished Swedish chemist Jons Jacob Berzelius
Berzelius had high admiration for Zeise and highly praised his doctoral thesis
-following his spent abroad, he returned to Copenhagen in the autumn of 1819
-in 1822, he assigned extraordinary professor of chemistry
Zeise identified a new family of sulfur-containing compounds
He named then xanthates through the predominantly yellow colour of xanthate salts
The discovery led to the widespread use of xanthate salts in synthetic chemistry
-in 1830, he tested to react platinum chloride with ethanol
The reaction led to a series of platinum-based organometallic compounds such as sal kalicoplatinicus inflammabilis

Willim Christopher Zeise
Willim Christopher Zeise

Major works

Zeise most remarkable scientific discovery came when he synthesized the first synthetic organometallic compound, zeise’s salt
Originally called ‘sal kalicoplatinicus inflatmmabilis’,
The salt called after him
Despite, this was not the only scientific discovery made by him
Zeise’s investigation of organic sulfur compounds led to the discovery of a new class of  organic compounds xanthates


-Zeise was a member of the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences of letters
He received a silver medal by the academy

Personal life

firstly, He got married in February 1842 with maren martine bjerring
secondly, He suffered from frail health because of his handling of noxious chemicals in poorly ventilated rooms
thirdly, he died on November 12, 1847, in Copenhagen, Denmark
fourthly, Zeise counted amongst the group of organic chemists who laid the foundations of scientific organic chemistry in the first half of the nineteenth century

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