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victor Borge Danish American comedian

victor Borge

victor Borge

victor Borge was an American comic, music conductor and piano player who was once called ‘the most clever musician

on earth’ by the Washington Post. He was prominently known for his limited show called ‘Satire in Music’,

a unique Broadway show that set his name in the Guinness Book of Records for being the longest running show throughout the entire existence of theater.

victor Borge

Borge was well known for engaging his group of spectators with a novel and strange blend of parody

and music. He was conceived in Denmark in a group of performers and taught the adoration for music

since an extremely youthful age. He began directing his shows as a youngster and before long blended his

comic daily schedule in with it yet during the World War II he needed to flee to America where he needed

to rapidly adjust to the American ways and the American silliness to make his name in the amusement business. He turned into a wonder

on the TV with his ‘The Victor Borge Show’ and the few appearances that he made on the TV on shows like ‘

Toast of the Town’, ‘Sesame Street’, and so on. Borge stayed in the excitement business for a long time

and kept visiting 60 times each year in any event, when he was 90 years of age.


Early life 

Victor Borge was conceived in Copenhagen, Denmark into a Jewish family to Bernhard a

nd Frederikke Rosenbaum. The two his folks were performers; his mom was a piano player and father a violist in the Royal Danish Orchestra.

Experiencing childhood in a musically slanted family implied that Borge  presented to

the possibility of it from a youthful age

When he was eight years of age, he gave his first piano presentation.

Being a wonder in piano, much the same as his mom, he  granted a full grant at the Royal Danish

Academy of Music in 1918. He instructed by Olivo Krause, Victor Schioler, Liszt’s understudy Fredric Lamond a

nd Busoni’s understudy Egon Petri.

victor Borge
victor Borge


In 1926, Borge played his first huge show at the Danish Concert lobby’s The Old Fellow’s Lodge building.

Inside a couple of years, he began blending his comic abilities in with music and began having ‘stand up’ acts, which was a mix of music and jokes.

Borge moved to America in 1940, inferable from Nazis control of Denmark during World War II.

He didn’t have the foggiest idea how to talk in English when he previously came to America

however rapidly took in the language to adjust his jokes in the American setting.

He turned into a piece of Rudy Vallee’s radio show in 1941. Rudy Valle was an American vocalist,

on-screen character, bandleader and performer.

In the next years, Borge got acknowledgment for his ability and eccentric exhibitions of music mixed with jokes.

He won the Best New Radio Performer of the Year in 1942. He turned into a serious deal in media outlets and began getting film offers.

In 1946, he began getting increasingly more achievement and acknowledgment in the business,

significantly on account of the accomplishment of his show ‘The Victor Borge Show’ on NBC Network.

victor Borge

victor Borge
victor Borge

During the time it ran on the TV, Borge created a large number of his clever trademarks.

Ordinarily during 1948, Borge on a few events, joined Ed Sullivan, a performer, author and TV have,

on his show Toast of the Town, one of the best TV theatrical presentation all things considered. He likewise turned into a naturalized US resident around the same time.

In 1953, Borge exceeded himself with the most well known inventive endeavor of his stimulation vocation,

‘Parody in Music’, at John Golden Theater in New York City. It was a unique Broadway satire,

which turned into the longest running limited show throughout the entire existence of theater.

In 1979, Borge established the American Pianists Association with Julius Bloom and Anthony P Habig. The Association produces two significant piano rivalries: the Classical Fellowship Awards and the Jazz Fellowship Awards.

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