• July 23, 2021

Thea kornum minecraft gamer on youtube

Thea kornum

Thea kornum

Thea kornum is a Danish youtuber who became a famous with her you tube channel called Thea& Crainer-Minecraft
She began her channel in march 2017 and although the fact that she has been active for just around a year now

also, Denmark news was talked about sarah bro in specific topic

Thea kornum

She has picked up over 860k subscribers and 110 million views as of march 2018
Along with minecraft, she also shares videos and pranks regularly on their channel, that consists of 315 videos and playlist section
Thea Kornum also is popular on Instagram and acquired a huge following
Her most famous prank video is named thea reacts to SSundee’s Diss Tracks against Crainer

Rise to the top


Thea kormum started her journey in march 2017 and she collected a good number of subscribers on her youtube channel
Beginning with the welcome video on her youtube channel, most of her videos are especially popular among her fans
Some of the most viewed videos are ( thea reacts to SSundee’s Diss tracks against crainer

Then she started her vlogging channel on you tube abd became a famous social media personality
Her channel partner MrCrainer is also you tube gamer and a minecraft admirer

Personal life


Thea kornum& Crainer
Thea kornum& Crainer

She born on april, 1998 in Denmark and currently replaces in horsholm
Thea’s father’s name is not known and mother too
Thea has a sister
Also, thea is not married

her name is copied from dorothea that means God’s gift
since 2017
thea was a normal teenager until she began her vlogging channel on youtube and became very famous

she has been dating minecraft gamer MrCrainer Benjamin Vestergaard with whom she runs her popular you tube channel

she is a fan of Marilyn Monroe and on her Instagram account she quotes popular phrase
imperfection is beauty, madness is genius

It’s easy to get to fame if you work something you love.

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