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Susanne Bier best Danish Film Director

Susanne Bier

Susanne Bier


Susanne Bier is the best Danish Film Director. Though Academy Award®, Golden Globe Award and Emmy Award winning author

and director Susanne Bier’s films usually play out

against a wide-reaching world scenery, their focus is intimate, rigorously exploring the explosive emotions

and complexities of familial bonds.  also, This distinctive combination is an element of the formula that has

created her Denmark’s leading feminine producer and a powerhouse worldwide.

Susanne Bier

above all, Bier’s 2010 film in a very higher World won the accolade

for Best Foreign Language Film in 2011, also as Associate in Nursing Italian Golden Globe Award® for Best European Film

and Best Director at the ecu Film Awards. In 2007,

also, Bier directed the victory Things we have a tendency to Lost within the fireplace, star urban center Berry

and Benicio Del Toro, her 1st English-language film.

before this, as a writer/director she had helmed the multi-award-winning once the marriage (2006),

that was conjointly Associate in Nursing Academy Award® politico for Best Foreign Language Film,

and Brothers (2004), which won, among others, the Audience Award at the Sundance festival and at the capital of Massachusetts freelance festival.


Susanne Bier
Susanne Bier

In 2002, Bier directed Open Hearts, shot in accordance with the Dogme ’95 filmmaking aesthetic. in addition,  The film won varied awards,

as well as the Audience Award at the Robert competition (Danish Academy Award) and also the International Film Critics’ Award at the Toronto International festival.

in addition, Bier conjointly co-wrote and directed the romantic comedy The One and solely (1999), that won Best Film at the Danish Robert Awards and was the foremost watched domestic film in Denmark in twenty years,

with fifth part of the country’s population having seen it at the cinema. In 2012, Bier created her triumphant come back to the genre with the 2013 winner of the eu Film Award for Best Comedy,

Love Is All you would like, star Pierce Brosnan and troika Dyrholm. In 2014, Bier directed A Second likelihood, that premiered at the provincial capital International festival.

Bier won the honor Award for guiding the six-part mini-series The Night Manager (2016),

star Tom Hiddleston and Hugh Laurie, supported the 1993 novel of a similar name by John author.

Susanne Bier
Susanne Bier

Personal life

above all, She Studied arts at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and design at the subject Association in London.

And she Graduated from the Danish faculty of Film in national capital (1987).

She bBorn to Rudolf financier Bier (born in 1930) and his married person Hennie Jonas (born in 1936).

Has 2 youngsters, archangel (born in 1989) and Alice Esther (born in 1995).

Ex-sister-in-law of Jessica Zandén.

Replaced Darren Aronofsky because the director of Serena (2014).

For years, she was developing a romantic comedy entitled ‘Lost for Words’, that was set to star ‘Hugh Grant’, however the project was eventually scrapped.

First, and up to now solely, feminine Danish director to possess directed 2 movies appointed for “Best Foreign Language Film” at the Academy Awards.



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