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Stories and Fairy tales from Hans Christian Andersen

Hans Christian Andersen

Hans Christian Andersen

Hans Christian Andersen (April 2, 1805 – August 4, 1875), author and poet of Denmark, and the most famous writer of children’s stories in the world.

The award, which is awarded annually to the most distinguished writer and painter in the field of children’s literature,

was renowned for the many beautiful stories of children, which came in the head of the stories of the Nymphs,

which was famous for her and found great popularity and acceptance among children.

The origins of Hans Christian Andersen

Anderson was born in Odense, Denmark, on April 2, 1805,

a son of a 22-year-old coachman and an alcoholic washing machine whose husband grows up several years later,

and the whole family lived in one small room.

His sister was one of his only mother.

It knew about Hans, a fondness for literature and arts, so his father, despite his simplicity, rounded up his manners and took him to the stage as much as possible,

as he read on him a number of plays and despite the humble condition of his father but he was interesting in culture and literature,

as his mother told him many stories of myths and old myths which Hans was impressing by her so much that he left a balance of ancient heritage tales.

Hans had a great deal of intelligence as well as a large imagination, he worked on a small wooden puppet theater,

and he had a long time in making clothes for his brides,

as he was passionate about reading, and he looked at a number of plays that had reached his hand and read to the likes of Ludwick Holbrücke and William Shakespeare.

His working life

His father died in 1816 and his mother died in a nursing home in 1833.

The young boy had to start earning a living; he worked as a boy for textiles and a weaver,

and later worked in a cigarette factory where his coworkers insulted him as a girl, and attracting his trousers to make sure.

Anderson moved at age 14 to Copenhagen in search of a career as a theater actor.

He had a beautiful voice in the Soprano class and succeeded in joining the Danish Royal Theater.

However, it did not last much, as his voice retained in a moment.

One of his colleagues in the theater described him as a poet, and Anderson began to take this seriously and interest in writing.

Hans Christian Andersen met with King Frederick VI

Anderson accidentally met with King Frederick VI of Denmark who showed interest in the strange boy,

and he was attaching to a primary school in Slaglsh and paid tuition.

Anderson had published his first novels even before attending elementary school, the ghost of the Tomb of Palnatek, in 1822.

Although he was a dull and late student,

he continued his studies at Slagnsh and at a school in El Cedor until 1827,

a period he later said was the darkest and most years of his life,

as he had to live in the house of the headmaster,

who abused him under the pretext of “polishing his personality”,

as was the stranger among Fellow students where he was older than most of them.

The feeling of being different, which is what caused him pain, is a recurring sensation in his work.

One of his most honest novels in this regard is the Little mermaid who ends her life because she can’t make a beautiful Prince love her.

In 1872, Anderson fell from his butterfly and was badly injure and did not fully recover from this incident,

but lived until August 4, 1875, where he died peacefully in a house named Rorolmorrow, literally meaning Nirvana, near Copenhagen.

Upon his death, Hans Christian Andersen was a famous and internationally renowned writer.

In 2005, the world was born two hundred years after Anderson’s birth, where he and his life and politeness reached its peak,

especially in Denmark, where they celebrated the months of the nation’s birth and no one was celebrated.




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