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Peter Freuchenthe most interesting man in the world

 Peter Freuchen

 Peter Freuchen


Peter Freuchen was a mortal from Kingdom of Denmark famed for his participation within the Arctic exploration. He was additionally an author,

journalist, and social scientist. A native of the southern Danish town of Nykøbing Falster, Freuchen studied medication for an amount before choosing a life within the outdoors. In 1906, he commenced his initial expedition to Kalaallit Nunaat.

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 Peter Freuchen

He and Polar mortal Knud Rasmussen ventured on many expeditions along, between 1910 and 1924.

They discovered the Thule mercantilism Station at Cape York (Uummannaq), Greenland, as a mercantilism base in 1910. In time, it started being employed because the home base for the seven Thule Expeditions, between 1912 and 1933. throughout this era,

Freuchen developed a deep understanding of the Indian culture. His initial mate was AN Indian herself.

within the later years of his life, he worked at the newspaper ‘Politiken’ and utilized because the editor-in-chief of a magazine, ‘Ude og Hjemme.’ Freuchen additionally concerned within the industry. He was an adviser, author and even had his own flick company.

throughout the planet War II, he actively worked against Nazi Germany and a part of the Danish resistance movement. As AN author, he printed each fiction

and non-fiction books, many of that were altered by his third mate, Dagmar Ferdinand Julius Cohn.

Early life

Peter Freuchen was the son of businessman Lorentz Benzon Freuchen and his wife Anne Petrine Frederikke, nee Rasmussen his father wished that Freuchen should have a stable life, therefore he convinced him to enrol at the university of Copenhagen to pursue a degree in medicine


In 1906, he went on his inaugural expedition to Greenland

Then, he travelled by a ship from Denmark and ventured north as far as possible

They left their ship and traveled by dog sled for over 600 miles

Through their travel, they came across many inuit people

Also, they traded with them and learned their language from them

In 1910, In 1910, Freuchen and Kund Johan Victor Rasmussen created a retail store referred to as

Thule in Cape York, Greenland. This name was galvanized by the term “Ultima Thule”, which means “beyond the borders of the well-known world”

in medieval devising. Between 1912 and 1933, Thule was used because the home for seven expeditions that were named once it.

From 1910 to 1924, Freuchen helped people that visited Thule with directions on American Indian culture.

He explored Greenland additional totally and visited the antecedently undiscovered Arctic.

In order to check the speculation of a channel dividing Greenland and Robert E. Peary Land,

he created one in all his earliest expeditions, that was one in all the Thule expeditions. He eventually created a 620-mile trek across the frozen waste of

Greenland that complete together with his noted ice cave escape.

In his life story, ‘Vagrant Viking’,

Freuchen gave an in depth account of what transpired. He explicit that this expedition was the first-ever exploration of Greenland. However, he and his crew found themselves during a blizzard.

Peter Freuchen
Peter Freuchen

 Peter Freuchen

Freuchen tried to cover below the dog sled however complete up totally buried below the snow. It shortly turned to ice.

At the time, he failed to have his usual tools like daggers and spears with him. As a result,

he had to improvise. He formed a dagger out of his own BM and inscribed himself out of the ice cave.

When he reached the camp, he complete that his toes had gotten unhealthy and his leg was severely frozen.

He failed to have any physiological state with him, however notwithstanding, proceeded to remove the affected toes himself and connected a peg wherever his leg accustomed be.

While Freuchen spent most of his time in Greenland within the 1910s, he came back to Scandinavian country from time to time.

within the Twenties, he developed AN interest in politics and have become related to the social democrats.



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