• July 23, 2021

MrCrainer youtuber and his personal life

MrCrainer youtuber

MrCrainer youtuber



MrCrainer youtuber is one of the famous gamers on the youtube

He is known for his survival modded Minecraft videos

as well the occasional mini-games that have his teenage fans going gaga over him

MrCrainer youtuber

He is a friendly guy and infrequently collaborates with alternative YouTubers with whom he loves operating.

along side fellow YouTubers,

SSundee and CaptainSparklez, he launched the ‘Troll Craft’ series wherever the gamers play along and troll one another.

one among his preferred recent series is that the

‘THIS IS CHOCOLATE?!’ series wherever he chuck swords,

iPhones, cameras, watches, and alternative stuffs manufactured from chocolate! Taking forward

his YouTube fame, the young man has currently forayed into entrepreneurial ventures and sells MrCrainer merchandise like T-shirts and backpacks through his web site.

His work

MrCrainer made his entry into the youtube relatively recently

he began by uploading Minecraft videos to his channel that started gaining quality inside a number of weeks.

inspired by the initial support he received,

he continuing creating a lot of videos, eventually branching out into alternative games moreover.

the quantity of his subscribers continuing increasing steady and that they mirthfully lapped up all that he had to supply.

He received plenty of regeneration from his followers

and set to create some fun challenge videos for them moreover additionally to the play ones.

This well-tried to be a superb strategy as his fans were over happy to look at his challenge videos and shared them on alternative mediums as well

MrCrainer youtuber
MrCrainer youtuber

What makes MrCrainer so unique

MrCrainer is talented, attractive and adorable with golden brown hair and blue eyes

While his attractiveness undoubtedly create him

appealing to the young ladies, there’s additional to his temperament that create him very popular all his fans.

one among his characteristic options is that he never uses swear words or vulgar slang in his videos that create them appropriate for folks of all age teams.

Anyone from preteen youngsters to young adults will watch his videos, laugh with him, and have fun!

This attribute of his makes him fashionable even

with the oldsters of teens WHO don’t mind their youngsters looking at MrCrainer’s videos as they’re assured that there’s no vulgarism concerned.

MrCrainer is aware of he’s noted solely because of his fans and so showers them back amorously.

He fondly calls them his “Crazie Family” and ne’er misses an opportunity to convey them copiously for his or her support.

MrCrainer youtuber with Thea
MrCrainer youtuber with Thea

personal life

MrCrainer’s real name is Benjamin Dreyer Vestergaard and he was born in Scandinavian country on Dec twelve, 1994.

he hasn’t disclosed a lot of regarding his personal life to his fans. although we tend to don’t recognize something regarding his oldsters,

we tend to do recognize that he includes a sister known as Josefine. He was antecedently in an exceedingly

relationship with Fie Laursen United Nations agency is additionally a YouTube development.

The couple stone-broke up and he eventually started qualitative analysis Theia. His girlfriend conjointly options in a number of his videos;

his video that includes her titled ‘GIRLFRIEND’S initial TIME taking part in MINECRAFT’ may be a highly regarded one.



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