• July 23, 2021

most important information about Denmark



Located in Western Europe, Denmark is one of the best countries in Europe, where Denmark has a great history.

It has the oldest science in the world where it was advertised in 1219 CE, and even today science is used.

But if you are planning to travel soon, do you have any information about it,

here is the most important information about Denmark you know before traveling and tourism in Denmark.

Information about Denmark

  • Copenhagen is the capital and is located on the island of New Zealand.
  •  it has a population of about 5.5 million people, according to statistics conducted in 2016.
  •  The official language of the country in the Danish language, the Danish language is a language similar to Norwegian and Swedish.
  • The Danish flag was promulgated in 1219 CE and became the oldest recognized scientist on the day.
  • Denmark is a monarchy for almost a thousand years.

Map of Denmark

Denmark is located on the continent of Europe, engages with Germany in its land borders,

and connects with Sweden through a bridge connecting the two countries.

Also There is also a peninsula side in it, because it contains approximately 443 islands, and about 70 islands inhabited by people,

the largest of which is the famous island of New Zealand.

One of the strangest thing  that you may not know is that it is a very flat country,

with the highest point being only about 170.86 meters, and its rise from the sea level is only 31 meters, or 102 feet.

Locals in Denmark:

Denmark imposes a tax on its population of about 49 percent,

and the average age of women at birth for the first child is 29 years,

and the age of the population is estimating on average, as women are about 79 years old, and for men 74 years.

Living standard:

Some research has shown that people are the happiest people in the world,

and have been ranked among the best countries where the standard of health, well-being and education.

Also Some 44 percent of the local population owns cars,

and although it is one of the countries in the European Union,

it has decided to keep its own currency, the Danish krone.

Weather in Denmark

In Denmark, rainfall is one of the important phenomena, as rain falls about 171 days, and rainfall was recording in 2007,

it is the longest year in rainfall, as the rain fell about 188 days of rainfall that year.

Also The coasts are estimating at about 7314 km from the coasts, that is, about 1 1/2 meters per member of the local population,

the cities are not far from the sea, as the farthest city from the sea coast is about 50 km from the seaside.

Government institutions and employment in Denmark

finally Among the most important information about it is that it owns about 298.000 active government institutions,

and the rate of companies there is one company for ten Danish people.

it is also the world’s fifth largest food exporter, with Danes having a lot of love for food.

Also One of the most important information about it  you should know before traveling is that Danish cuisine is a great experience,

so do not miss the experience of visiting a restaurant in it for a special food.



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