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Lars Ulrich his life and achievements

Lars Ulrich

Lars Ulrich


Lars Ulrich is one of founding members of the famous heavy metal band is called metallica

And he is an American Danish musician

Also, Denmark news was talked about many topics related to celebrities such as sarah bro

Lars Ulrich

Despite he belonged to a well family of sports players and his father was a professional tennis player

He selected the life of a musician

His family encouraged to play tennis since he was a young boy

He admired metal music and drumming formed for the first time at the age of 10

While his father went him to his first concert to see the live performance of deep purple, he loves the music

Then he moved to play drummer and started pursuing music

When he moved to Los Angeles with his family that he able to force with heavy mental musicians

Then, he met james hetfield and built the world famous heavy metal band

He played drums for the band for two decades and organizes his own record label

Early life

Lars Ulrich
Lars Ulrich

He was born in Gentofte, Denmark to torben Ulrich who was a professional tennis player and he encouraged Ulrich to play the game

His grandfather Dexter Gordon was a saxophonist

His father prepared himself mentally to be a tennis player

He does not meet the expectation and he became a drumset



Metallica was formed in 1983, the band released its first album Km All

The band’s next album for master of puppets

In 1986 that made commercially famous

at the time the touring for master of puppets the band had an accident in which they lost their helping but the band continued to make music

In the late 1990 he formed his own record label, music company while he still busy drumming for metallic and in the following years he started to show his anger against file sharing

During the course of releasing ST.Anger 2003 and death magnet 2008

In 2012, Ulrich did a role in hemingway & Gelihom, HBO movie and also in the same year mission to lars

Lars Ulrich
Lars Ulrich

Personal life

Ulrich has been married twice, the first time was with Debbie jones an English woman whom he met on one of his tours in 1988

The marriage worked for two years

Also he got married for the second time to a physician, Skylar Satenstein in 1997 but divorced from her in 2004

His children named miles and layne

Also miles becomes  a drummer for the band






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