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Kornborg castle know more about it

Kornborg castle

Kornborg castle


Kornborg castle is a castle and defence within the city of Helsingør, Denmark.

Immortalized as Elsinore in William Shakespeare’s play Hamlet,

Kronborg is one among the foremost necessary Renaissance castles in geographic area and has been additional to UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites list (2000).

Kornborg castle

firstly, The castle is located on the acute northeastern tip of the island of Seeland at the narrowest purpose of the Øresund, the sound between gift Scandinavian nation additionally the} provinces of gift Scandinavian

country that were also Danish at the time the castle was designed. during this half, the sound is just four kilometres (2.5 mi) wide,

therefore the strategic importance of maintaining a coastal fortification at this location commanding one among the few retailers of the Baltic Sea.

History of Kornborg

secondly, The castle’s story dates back to a fort, Krogen  in-built the 1420s by the Danish king, Eric of Pomerania. The king insisted on the payment of sound dues by all ships want to enter or leave the Baltic Sea passing through the Sound;

to assist enforce his demands, he designed a robust fort at the narrowest purpose within the Sound. At the time, the dominion of Scandinavian nation extended across each side of the Sound,

and on the jap shore the Helsingborg Castle had been breathing since the center Ages.

With the 2 castles and guard ships it had been potential to regulate all navigation through the Sound.

a sandy tongue of land stretching into the ocean from the coast of Sjaelland towards the coast of Scania.

and The castle consisted of a sq. curtain wall with variety of stone buildings within. The stone building within the northeastern corner contained the king’s residence.

The building within the southwestern corner contained an outsized arched banquet hall.

The building within the southeastern corner probably served because the chapel. giant parts of the walls of Krogen square measure contained at intervals the current Kronborg Castle.

Kronborg today

thirdly, Kronborg Castle is located on the extreme northeastern tip of the island of Zealand,

to the northeast of the historic centre of the town of Helsingør.

on a small foreland jutting out into the narrowest point of the Øresund, the sound between the Danish island of Zealand

and the Swedish province of Scania, that was also Danish until 1658. The approach from the town is to the east,

with a series of moats and gates protecting the route from the town to the castle itself.

Royal apartments

The King’s Chamber in 2008

The royal apartments are located on the first floor of the north wing. The apartments originally furnished

by Frederick II around 1576, but after the fire in 1629, Christian IV had the apartments refurnished and richly decorated with ceiling paintings, stone portals and chimneypieces. The original floors were tiled in black and white which replaced with wooden floorboards in 1760-61, and the walls were clad in gilt-leather. Today the chambers are furnished with Netherlandish

furniture from the 17th century.

The King’s Chamber has a bay window, located right above the castle’s main portal, from which

the king could keep an eye on guests arriving at the castle, whereas the Queen’s Chamber has access

to a vaulted tower chamber overlooking the Flag Bastion.



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