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King Diamond Danish heavy metal musician

King Diamond

King Diamond


King Diamond is a Danish heavy metal musician
And vocalist
who has had associate degree exciting career spanning over 3 decades, and still continues to move.

King Diamond

His latest album, ‘Give American state Your Soul Please’ that attained a Grammy nomination, is amongst the foremost critically reviewed
records from his varied and spectacular discography.
He initial came into the limelight as an important metal songster once he teamed up with ‘Mercyful Fate’
and shortly once kicked off a career as an instrumentalist.

He was instinctively interested in significant metal once

taking note of pioneers like Alice Cooper,

Early life

King Diamond was born as Kim Bendix Petersen on 14th

June 1956 in Hividovre municipality,
A sunurb in compenhagen, the Danish capital
During the early years of his life, diamond developed a penchant for offbeat musical genres, black metal

and hard rock


King Diamond’s skilled career took off in 1974 once he signed up with the Danish music band, ‘Brainstorm’ at the age of eighteen.
After attending a live show of Alice Cooper, he was massively affected by the wild, frenzied antics and also the unconventional make-up of the band,
and set to emulate the flaky vogue. Consequently, he left Brainstorm to hitch ‘Black Rose’, a neighborhood band,

so as to own his approach with expressing himself the approach he wanted.

Kind Diamond was in his parts as long as he performed with ‘Black Rose’ staging flaky acts. Eventually,
he felt that he had outgrown the necessity to contribute

to Black Rose and in 1980 he joined forces with ‘Brats’, a hardcore punk music band.

Diamond’s teaming up with ‘Brats’ proved to be a turning purpose in his career. However, ‘Brats’ comprising the quartet of King, Timi Hansen, whorl Sherman, and archangel Denner,

shortly separate. Diamond then paired up with whorl whereas archangel and Hansen secured up to ascertain ‘Danger Zone’.

It was providential that the ‘Brats’ foursome reunited once Diamond helped out archangel Denner with Danger Zone’s demo act following a call for participation by the latter.

Brats morphed into ‘Mercyful Fate’ and have become a quintet with the induction of Kim Ruzz, a drummer.

‘Curse of the Pharaohs,’ one in every of the primary demo recordings by Mercyful Fate went on to become a smash underground hit. Mercyful Fate inked a traumatize
Ebony Records, A Britain label,

in 1982 and discharged 3 singles, ‘Metallic Storm’, ‘Black Funeral’, and ‘Walking Back to Hell’.
Mercyful Fate discharged their debut EP in Sep 1982, supported by the Dutch label, Rave-On-Records. Recording for the EP that remained untitled was completed in a very record 2 days.

In addition, king recorded his next solo, house of God in 2000 which won rave reviews and based for the umpteenth time that he had kept his vocal as well musical acumen over the years

King Diamond
King Diamond


Kind called for a grammy award in 2008 under the category, best metal performance for the number never ending hill

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