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Karen Blexin and Outside Africa

Karen Blexin

Karen Blexin

Karen Blexin, whose name is Karen Cristians Densen,

is a Danish author and writer who was composing with a nom de plume, Densen, just as another name, “Seoul “.

Her work has been written in Danish, French and English.

The beginning of life of Karen Blexin 

Karen Danes was conceived on April 17, 1885 in Denmark,

the girl of the author and military official of the “Weldedenson ” and the sister of “Thomas Denson “.

What’s more, Karen of a blue-blooded family and her mom average wealthy in exchange.

Karen spent the start of her years in her mom’s bequest in the “Matrop ” close to the “Hornes ” In Denmark,

contemplated craftsmanship in Copenhagen, Paris and Rome,

and started to distribute the story in the Danish periodicals in 1905 and under the nom de plume,

which is the name of an uplifting head who may have a contact with her dad Native Americans

where her dad lived among the Indians of the Shabwa Chippewa Tribe between August 1872 and December 1873 in Wisconsin,

and ended up August to a young lady who was destining to him after he came back to Denmark.

Her dad ended it all by balancing himself in 1895 after the specialist determined him to have syphilis

and Karen was 10 years of age.

Her life in Africa

In 1913 she was married by her second cousin, the Swedish baron “Brewer von Belxin Fink” after failing to love her brother,

and then the two left Denmark at the beginning of 1914 to the East African colony in the area known today as Kenya

to invest their family money in a dairy farm and then changed their mind

and decided Invest in the establishment of a coffee plantation and hire African workers there who are from the Kikuyu tribe

who inhabit the land where the farm was builing.

Karen described the area as saying: (… That place has a special taste of freedom and one finds its dreams..) !.

Karen and her husband were different in education and mood

she and her husband were different in education and mood, and her husband was not loyal to her.

Karen was infected with syphilis in their first year of marriage, with deep psychological pain and a long healing.

After several years, she remained separated from her husband since 1921 and divorced from him in 1925.

While in Africa, she met a wild animal hunter, the British, “Denys-Hatton”,

after she separated from her husband, who had an affair with him,

and Dennis Hatton used the House of Karen as his stopover in his return from hunting trips from 1926 and 1931

and died in a plane crash in M 1931 at the same time, there was a great depression in the coffee trade,

one of the world economic recession, and another factor was the lack of soil there to grow coffee trees as expected,

all of which led Karen to leave her farm that she loved where she sold the farm land to a competent authority

He saw the land and turned it into a residential land, and after selling the land and the furniture of her home,

she went back to Denmark where she spent the rest of her life there.

Emptied to write

At the point when Karen Blexin returned home in Denmark, she started to compose,

and her first book included seven Gothic stories distributed in the United States of America in 1934 under a nom de plume,

“Danes,” which had a reverberation, artistic admission and notoriety that additionally prompted his production in Britain and Denmark.

Her subsequent book and her most celebrated fiction work outside of Africa were distributing in 1937

and the accomplishment of this book is the consequence of her notoriety for being a conventional style writer.

The Danish prize for ladies in the field of craftsmanship or scholarly life was granting in 1939.

During the Second World War, when Nazi Germany involved Denmark, Karen kept in touch with her long story,

the “Blessed messenger Avengers “, which was likewise written in a nom de plume, “Andrezel” and distributed in 1944.

Her works in the fifties of the only remaining century were conventional accounts of the novel “Babbitt’s Feast ”

about the gourmet expert who spent the prize winning the lottery (10,000 francs)

in the planning of a multi-course nourishment feast and astounding cooking.

about Karen Blexin’s novels 

The immortal story of an older man attempting to purchase youngsters,

the novel that Orson Wells attempted to change over into a “visionaries ” film,

yet just a couple of clasps were recording and the film was not finishing.

All of Karen Blexin’s novels are listing in a traditional style of fiction fiction,

from the backgrounds of the 19th century or before in the old-fashioned manner.

One of the novels that art has gained is the “story of the first cardinal ” from its fifth book, “Last Tales “.

Karen wrote her novels in English and translated her work into her native Danish language.

The Danish Medal of the Arts was awarding in 1950 and was estimating

and respected by American writer Ernst Hemingway and author Truman Cabot during her visit to the United States in 1959

and was among the writers who were paying to visit by writer Arthur Miller and writer Pearl-back,

as During her visit, Karen met with her husband, Arthur Miller,

and the socialist father of Bali, who hosted a luncheon in her honor.

Karen Blexin and her illness and death

It is accepted that the syphilis exacted on Karen Blexin was not totally recuperating

but rather kept on being contaminating during her lifetime,

and the therapeutic examinations at the time were unfit to uncover proof that the infection still existed after 1925.

Her imagination recorded as a hard copy gave proof that she was not experiencing mental crumbling during the late phases of syphilis

or from cerebral inebriation because of mercury treatment.

In any case, what she was experiencing was the loss of sensation in her legs which might be because of the ceaseless utilization of arsenic in her lifetime in Africa,

and there are the individuals who accept that getting more fit is the aftereffect of anorexia nervosa referred to

by specialists as Anorexia nervosa which prompted the decay of her wellbeing, and during the 1950s

The only remaining century Karen’s wellbeing disintegrated quickly,

and in 1955 33% of her stomach was expelling because of his ulcer,

and composing wound up outlandish for her,

however in this time of enduring she did interviews on the radio,

yet the absence of coherence of Karen Blexin’s capacity to encourage prompted her passing on Sept. 7.

In 1962 in Runningland, Denmark, she was 77 years of age.


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