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Henrik Dam Danish biochemist who won the Nobel Prize

Henrik Dam

Henrik Dam


Henrik Dam was a Danish biochemist and was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology in 1943
Also, he discovered vitamin K.
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Henrik Dam

firstly, He graduated in chemistry from the Copenhagen Polytechnic institute
Also, he started his career as an instructor in chemistry at the school of agriculture and veterinary medicine

secondly, He appointed instructor in biochemistry at the physiological laboratory of the university of Copenhagen

thirdly, He completed his doctorial thesis on the biological

significance of sterines. throughout that amount, whereas learning the metabolism of sterines in chicken, he discovered fat-soluble vitamin. when he fed the chickens a restricted steroid alcohol free diet,

fourthly, he detected that they suffered from a disease that caused them to bleed simply and lack clotting ability.

also, He attributable the illness to the dearth of associate anti-hemorrhagic victuals that he incontestible to be fat-soluble and gift in inexperienced leaves.
He named it fat-soluble vitamin (Koagulations-Vitamin). In 1939, each he and Doisy, operating severally,

separated the victuals from alfalfa. In 1943, they were together awarded the Nobel Prize

Henrik Dam
Henrik Dam


In 1925, he studied microchemistry at the university of Graz,
also, In 1928, he became assistant professor at the institute of biochemistry, Copenhagen university
In 1934, he received his Ph.D degree in Biochemistry

from the university of Copenhagen
Also, he investigated the fundamental chemical and

physical properties of vitamin K.Later,
He studied its purification and isolation in collaboration with P.Karrer

From 1942-1945, he spent time as a senior research associate at university of Rochester

nobel prize in physiology or medicine in 1943
And he became an associate member of the Rockefeller institute for medical research in 1945


In 1939, he and Edward Doisy isolated vitamin k in alfalfa for this discovery
He was a member of the Danish academy of technical sciences in 1947 and the royal Danish academy of sciences of letters in 1948

Henrik Dam
Henrik Dam

Personal life

Henrik dam married Inger Olsen in 1924
He died of natural causes on 17 April 1976 in Copenhagen

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