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Giancarlo Esposito best actor and filmmaker

Giancarlo Esposito

Giancarlo Esposito


Giancarlo Esposito is an actor and filmmaker who is best known for his portrayal of Gus Fring in the AMG preforms (breaking bad and better call saul)

Giancarlo Esposito

Esposito relocated to the united states when he was six years old
He was a student of Seton faculty in big apple,
from wherever he received his degree in radio and tv communications. At the age of eight, he started his stage career by showing in an exceedingly Broadway production of ‘Maggie Flynn’. In 1979, he had his massive screen debut within the sports drama ‘Running’.
Over the course of his career, he has appeared in films like ‘Fresh’, ‘Harley Davidson and also the Marlboro Man’, ‘The Usual Suspects’, and ‘King of latest York’.

Early life


-born on april 26, 1958, in Copenhagen, Denmark,
Giancarlo Esposito is the son of Giovanni Esposito and Elizabeth foster
His Neapolitan father worked as a stagehand and carpenter while his African American mother sang in operas and nightclubs
He spent the first six years
of his life in denmark then relocated to manhattan, new York with his family


In 1970, he hired as a voice actor in the short film ET salammbo?
This was his first job in the industry from 1971 to 1977, he prepared as a young singer on PBS children show the electric company
He went on to work with lee in different films including Do the right thing 1989.
Then, in 2001 he described two historical characters in two critically cheered films
Also, he appeared in four episodes of law& order
(once upon a time)
Tom Neville in NBC’s post-apocalyptic series (revolution)
Esposito is set to star in james franco’s directorial venture (the long home)

Giancarlo Esposito
Giancarlo Esposito

Major works

Giancarlo esposito’s Gustavo (GUS) fring is a fictional powerful drug lord who shows in breaking bad
And its prequel series (better call saul)

Cool, calculating and ruthless, he builds up a vast drug empire

Personal life

Esposito exchanged wedding vows with joy mcmanigal in 1995
Despite the couple has since parted ways.
They have four daughters together are named kale lyn Esposito, Shayne lyra Esposito, ruby Esposito and syrlucia esposito

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