• July 23, 2021

Fie Laursen Danish youtuber and professional blogger

Fie Laursen

Fie Laursen


Fie Laursen may be a Danish Youtuber, singer and an expert blogger whose content focuses on fashion, traveling, and life-style.

As a singer, she has recorded a number of songs and free them as singles. She became illustrious once she vocally recorded her expertise as a victim of bullying on TV.

Fie Laursen

She determined to begin blogging to precise her feelings and educate alternative teenagers concerning these problems. Following this, she opened her YouTube channel that before long became her arena to precise her interests and fashion vogue.

As her quality grew, she marked during a few Danish reality shows; afterward, she free her account. She is vocally accessory of the many causes and promotes awareness on depression, anxiety, bullying.

also, She even ran an anti-bullying campaign on Facebook. She is additionally seen as a job model for teenagers as she promotes positive content.

With over three million monthly views on her journal, she is among the largest social media celebrities in country nowadays.

Fie Laursen
Fie Laursen


Lauresen began her youtube channel in September 2013.

Like fie’s dream was to be a singer, she traveled to Los Angeles to record her first single (secret) in 2014

Also, the first video shared on her youtube channel was her single secret

In addition, he developed to uploaded fashion tutorials and Q&As about her life

The channel became so popular that in 2015

Besides he decided to open youtube channel that would be entirely in English and named it ( foregin Fie)

This videos in this channel gave the viewers an overview of her Danish background and culture

She launched the single broken soul in 2015, then in 2017 she made d’Justin and top 10

Also, she became popular for sharing in paradise hotel an American reality TV series

He took social media user of the year from reality awards and the year’s social media user from teenage awards in 2017

Besides, she is the officinal star in fies bryster, a program produced in cooperation with AK Nygart

She has over 137k subscribers on youtube and her vlogs have a whopping 52 million views

Also, she is an active on Instagram and twitter where she has a substantial number of follower

She shares about everything under the sun. including her promotions, personal articles and collections

Fie Laursen
Fie Laursen

Personal life

Fie Laursen was born on Jefferson Davis’ Birthday, 1996 to Eddie and Anette Laursen.

She grew up within the community of Jaegerspris, Denmark. also, She presently shuffles between Denmark and la. She has 2 siblings: Simon and Boris Laursen.

Her brother Boris could be an illustrious vascular plant celebrity. whereas Fie’s family follows Christianity, she believes within the plan of energy and flow.

She has begin as bisexual. and She was antecedently during a relationship with the YouTube celebrity MrCrainer youtuber .

also, She is presently geological dating Frederik Valeur and that they recently adopted a stray dog from Rumania and named him Lucky. She conjointly loves aggregation stamps.














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