• July 23, 2021

Camilla Dallerup know more about her

Camilla Dallerup

Camilla Dallerup

Camilla Dallerup  was born in ballroom dancer and famous as ballroom dancer whether television personality, actor, life coach and author

now Denmarknews will take you to tour and know all that you need to know about her

Camilla Dallerup

Camilla Dallerup may be a Danish dance palace dancer,

tv temperament, actor, life coach and author. She is best notable

for her look on the BBC tv series ‘Strictly come back Dancing’.

She competed on the show for the primary six seasons and

have become the winner of the sixth season beside her dance partner actor Tom Chambers.

She quit the show when the sixth season and eventually stopped competitive in dance shows; but, she has participated

in tours organized by the show’s producers and additionally acted as a decide. She worked as a model throughout

her formative years in Denmark associate degreed had trained as a land agent moreover, before relocating to the kingdom. She has additionally appeared on a variety of tv shows

and acted in stage plays. She is that the author of the autobiographical aid book ‘Strictly Inspirational’ and is geared up to unharness her second book, ‘Reinvent Me’.

also, She is presently leading a quiet life as a life coach and meditation teacher in la. She is married to ‘Hollyoaks’ actor, Kevin Sacre, and is considering adopting a toddler along.

Dance career

Camilla Dallerup
Camilla Dallerup

1-she who left dancing momentarily then she works as an estate agent, in the late 1990s she saw Brendan cole when he looks for a dance partner and the two moved to London, united kingdom
2-she and cole began practising together and sharing in dance competitions as partners
In 2003, they ended third at the UK closed championships in Latin American
And also ranked in the top 12 world professionals at open British championships
3-in 2004, they were offered to share in the new BBC show strictly come dancing coupled with separate partners
4-she separated from cole through the first season of the show and partnered with British dancer can waite in 2004 to share in professional dancing
5-in 2005 she made a team with Nigel Clarke and Reggie yates to host the CBBC show dance factory
6-she participated in the next five series of strictly come dancing partnering with different people through each series

Author & life coach

She, who had suffered brutal heartbreak and public humiliation after her then partner Brendan cole cheated on her on live tv and shared the autobiographical self-help book (strictly inspirational) in January 2015
She later began a career as a life coach and meditation teacher in Los Angeles and scheduled to release her second self-help book in July 2017

Personal life

Camilla Dallerup
Camilla Dallerup

-Camilla Dallerup has engaged to her dance partner and boyfriend of eight years Brendan cole when the two joined the crew of strictly come dancing
The two bought a three-bedroom penthouse in Wallington surrey as shared the same bank account and email address
– after connexion the show, Cole began to show his fondness towards his dance partner, Natasha Kaplinsky, that sparked rumors of AN affair. Dallerup determined to become independent from him when he publically showed his tenderness by cuddling his partner ahead of AN audience and his to-be parents-in-law.




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