• July 23, 2021

Bornholm island enjoy your journey to it

Bornholm island

Bornholm island


Bornholm island is a a part of everyone’s childhood.

It’s wherever you choose your initial college trip, wherever you’ve got your initial kiss,” says one Copenhagen native.

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Bornholm island

To pinpoint the most reason why Danes love the island

such a lot is simple: It gets the foremost hours of sunshine altogether of Scandinavian country.

For a rustic that spends an outsized portion of the year

in close to darkness, it’s no marvel a covered island floating within the Baltic is therefore appealing.

however it’s not solely the daylight that warrants

Bornholm’s attention; locals additionally escape there to absorb the landscape, art, and food.

Once a moneymaking fishing island, following the

collapse of the fishing trade within the Nineteen Nineties (due to overfishing), the island was round-faced with associate psychological state.

Bornholm island

Locals turned to the fertile soil, hotter temperatures, and daylight for farming and manufacturing native product,

that quickly garnered the island’s name as associate ingredient hotbed. The temporal order couldn’t are

better: oxyacetylene by the demand from restaurants in Danish capital, that were sourcing native ingredients to stay up with the new Nordic trend,

several Bornholmian producers (harvesting everything from apples to seabuckthorn, and making ready cured meats) hit the jackpot.

Bornholm island

however not all ingredients  shipped off to Danish capital. One building that pioneered the employment of Bornholmian ingredients is Kadeau,

a Michelin-starred seasonal building from cook Nicolai Norregaard. For one or two of weeks each year (varying weeks from Gregorian calendar month through September),

Bornholm island
Bornholm island

workers from Danish capital decamp to the island and open the doors to what’s one among the country’s most reputable eating destinations. Kadeau’s location reigns supreme: a refurbished painted beach restaurant with garment glass windows that overlook the Baltic

. With its 2 tasting menus of recent Nordic dishes, that square measure primarily based around seasonal ingredients from native producers and therefore the restaurant’s near farm


For people who need over a morning dip, the island is scattered with unspoiled beaches (many of that the locals would in all probability rather keep a secret).

one amongst the foremost known is Dueodde Beach: a protracted strip of white sand meeting clear blue water that glistens within the daylight.

as a creative haven and is home to the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts’s ceramics and glass programs

Bornholm island
Bornholm island

also as a longtime art deposit that celebrates the history of native art. the humanities the island is most best-known for are glasswork and ceramics (there is superb ceramic clay excavated round the island), with known studios and factories like sea Glass

and Den Danske Keramikfabrik, that became similar with the island. to depart Bornholm while not a hand-blown piece of glass or a ceramic teacup is like going away with no sand in your shoes.


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