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Aage Bohr his Biography and childhood

Aage Bohr

Aage Bohr


Aage Bohr was an award winning physicist. His father, Niels Bohr, additionally a Nobel Laureate, was noted for his pioneering work on atomic structure and scientific theory.

Aage Bohr

Since he  the sole one in every of his father’s six youngsters United Nations agency studied physics,

he began to assist his father in writing articles and letters whereas he was still a student at the University of national capital. However,

his studies shortly interrupted as a result of the Germans, United Nations agency had by then invaded Scandinavian country, ordered their arrest.

luckily, they were able to escape to Norway and from there to European nation. Here young Niels Bohr was formally appointed as a junior research worker at the Department of Scientific and Industrial analysis.

However, he served chiefly as personal assistant to his father and flew to the USA variety of times to require half in Manhattan Project.

once the war he went back to Scandinavian country and completed his studies.

later on, he joined the University of national capital as a probe fellow and quickly climbed up the ladder to become director of the Niels Bohr Institute. Later he relinquished the post and spent the last years concentrating on analysis work.

Early life

Aage Niels Bohr was born on 19 June, 1922  Copenhagen, Denmark

Niels Bohr was an eminent physicist who received nobel prize for his achievements in atomic structure and quantum theory

Aage had his entire schooling at Soetedam Gymnasium in 1940,

Then. He joined university of Copenhagen to study physics

In 1943 the family organized to escape to Norway, which was neutral in the war and was free from German control

The father and son flew to England on a Havilland operated by british overseas airways corporation

In London, the senior Bohr associated with atomic energy project

And Bohr appointed as a junior researcher at the department of scientific and industrial research

Aage Bohr
Aage Bohr


After his master’s degree, Aage Bohr joined institute for theoretical physics at the university of Copenhagen as research scholar and he worked there

Bohr came back to Denmark in 1950 and began collaborating with ben Mottelson on this research

Also, they began comparing the theoretical work with experimental data

The results of these experiments shared in three papers in 1951, 1952 and 1953

They started to be considered significant for the understanding and development of nuclear fusion

He started his doctoral work and gained his phd in 1954

Then he became a professor of physics at the university of Copenhagen

Aage Bohr
Aage Bohr


He received the nobel prize in physics joined with Ben R0Mottelson and James rainwater

Additionally, he won Dannie Heineman prize for mathematical physics in 1960, atmos for peace award in 1969








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