• July 23, 2021

10 Places you can enjoy in Denmark part 1



Denmark, They are said to be the happiest of the European countries, and may not be surprised at their first visit,

famous for their prestigious fashion houses and attractive architectural designs,

Denmark offers you a blend between the castles of the Renaissance and the bustling cities

and the nature of the traditional and maritime traditions,

and the food in Denmark has a superior level Quality in the biggest restaurants and smaller cafes.

We’re going to take you on a tour of ten things you can enjoy in Denmark.

Places you can enjoy in Denmark

Castle of Kronenberg

Go to the castle of Kreuzberg which is located in the Hilsenjor district.

This castle is one of the most important and famous castles in Denmark,

where it has seen many important historical events and battles and undergone architectural phases and renovations.

This castle has been associating with the legend of Shakespeare’s hero Hamlet where tourists interested in politely Shakespeare depicts the play in this castle.

The castle has distinctive dance halls and theaters that allow the tourist interested in history

and literature to enjoy and spend a wonderful time among the corners of the castle.

Bornholm Island

Enjoy the enchanting beaches of the Bourne Holm Bornholm Island, which is always a refreshing experience,

and you can also wander around the Scandinavian islands and enjoy all of their natural scenery.

In addition, the island has many sporting activities such as golf, horse riding and cycling.

This island is approximately 100 miles from Copenhagen.

Legoland Area

Spend a whole day in the Legoland area, one of the most attractive places for tourists in Denmark is Legoland in Peland.

This area features many picturesque areas and great sporting and recreational activities.

Like a driving school for youngsters where young people are allowing to learn in a safe environment.

Also It is recommended to visit (Caterpillar, Lego Safari, Vikings River Splash) where there are many activities that tourists enjoy seeing and participating in.

The area is open to tourists at the end of March and one of the most luxurious hotels where the hotel Legoland can be housed.

Open Museum

Visit the Open-air museum in the Old City of Eros This museum is located in the city of Eros, the second largest city of Denmark,

and what distinguishes this museum is that it is holding outdoors.

Also There are many reasons to visit this museum, which includes buildings from different eras,

with exhibitions and events featuring the Danish country style.

Many of the ancient pieces and monuments of the 16th century are the first open-air museum to be holding in the world.

House of the Danish poet Han Andrensen

Visit the House of the Danish poet Han Andreensen, who spent his childhood. Located in the old City, this is for those interested in literature and poetry,

where they can visit this House and see the exhibitions in it that are of course interested in the literature of the poet and his works.

Largest Zoo by continents

Visit the Zoo and watch the wildlife at Rander Park:

Also This park is one of the most important and largest gardens for wildlife and animals where tourists interested in this field can visit

and have animals from all continents of the world and the park is classified by continents there is a special section With Asian animals

and another for Africa and the Amazing creatures it contains. There is also a special section for sharks and marine animals.




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