• July 23, 2021

10 Places you can enjoy in Denmark part 2



In the previous article we talked about the most important places where you can enjoy a stroll when you visit Denmark

In this article, we complete some of the activities you may exercise and admire the Kingdom of Denmark.

Tourism activities in Denmark

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

Contemporary art lovers have their place in Denmark, here is the magnificent Loizbana Museum, which was inaugurated in 1958.

Founded by Kod Gensen,it was designed to create a place for artists to enjoy contemporary art,

and for almost 60 years the museum visits many foreign and local visitors.

The museum includes many artworks by a number of great artists,

and the museum offers you access to a large number of distinctive cultures and art,

which is one of the most important places of tourism in Denmark.


The museum is one of the finest museums in Denmark, with about 1,100 distinctive paintings,

over 400 sculptures and constructions, and 200 video clip art, in addition to about 7,000 art paintings.

The cube-shaped building is located on an area of 17.700 square meters, making it one of the largest art galleries in Europe.

So there are many visitors when you are at the gallery,

and there is a magnificent rainbow panorama that allows visitors to enjoy that wonderful scenery.

Tivoli Amusement Park

You can listen and spend some fun times in Denmark when you visit the Tivoli theme Park,

one of the places that welcomes all visitors of all ages.

The city was opened in 1843,

and there are many great museums and cafés, and you can also take a leisurely afternoon tour and enjoy exploring the place on foot,

there are many great recreational games.

The amusement park is right next to Copenhagen Central Station, so it’s very easy to reach.

Do not miss the opportunity to visit during tourism in Denmark.


The Danish people are among the most heavily-liked cyclists,

and in 2016 there was a statistic that confirms that the number of bikes in Copenhagen is more than the number of cars in it!,

because the locals of Denmark use bicycles as a basic means of transportation within the city,

This is aided by long road-paved streets.

To date, the Danish Government has always sought to improve the bicycle network every year.

You can find a resident who travels from one city to another by bicycle,

so if you are a fan of cycling, the decision to travel in Denmark will be a very enjoyable experience for you.

Light lands in Skagen

Visit the Light lands of Skagen this area of stunning and charming places in Denmark

where it has a sunny and warm atmosphere and in addition to the wonderful nature in the area

there is a lot of tourists looking in this area where the boat Race and the festival of birds as well as the presence of some museums And historical places there.

spot of Grenen

A great many people won’t realize that the northernmost point in Denmark is Grenen.

As you stand investigating the water here you will probably observe the spot where the Skagerrak and Kattegat oceans meet and crash together as they break over the Skaw Reef.

This zone is knowing as the tip of the European terrain and you will almost certainly watch the inhabitant seals at play just as appreciate the shoreline which has the absolute best coastline in the nation.

Resource: the crazy tourist



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